The historical center of Córdoba has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The city was under Muslim rule for many years until Christians recaptured it.  Therefore, the city has both Muslim and Christian influences including Mosques and Cathedrals.


The old and new parts of the city of Ronda are divided by a large gorge.  Ronda has a rich history.  The old city has a lot of Moorish influence from when the Moorish people ruled over the city.  The new city holds one of the city’s most notable landmarks, the Plaza de Toros, which … More Ronda


I spent a day in Itálica traveling by bus there from Sevilla.  Itálica was a Roman city and has many of the Roman ruins still there today.  The amphitheater is one of the most notable, large, and well preserved of the ruins.  This was a very cool day trip!


During my study abroad in Sevilla, I spent most of my time in Sevilla and volunteering with children from Lora Tomayo school.  I took three day trips to Itálica, Córdoba, and Ronda.  Sevilla is located in the Andalusia region of Spain.  The tapas and sangria are fantastic, and we definitely had our fair share of … More Sevilla