Sagaing Hill

Sagaing was an ancient capital of the Burmese Kingdom, but today people visit the Sagaing Hill to see the golden and white pagodas dotted along the hill. The area is very foggy, so views from a distance of the hill aren’t great, but some of the pagodas are worth seeing. Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda … More Sagaing Hill

Mandalay-Home of the Last Burmese King

The last Burmese king was King Thibaw who lived at Mandalay Palace. The British navigated the Irrawaddy River and captured Mandalay fairly effortlessly during the Third Anglo-Burmese War. King Thibaw was exiled to Ratnagiri India. During colonial rule, the Burmese viewed Mandalay as a city rich with culture and Buddhism, and the city housed many … More Mandalay-Home of the Last Burmese King

Christmas in Myanmar

Surprisingly, Christmas decorations and celebrations are omnipresent in Yangon around Christmas time. Myanmar is a predominately Buddhist country, although Yangon houses the most ethnic and religious diversity. During the leadership of U Nu in the 1960’s, Myanmar even had Buddhism as the state religion. Everyday Buddhism is ubiquitous with at least one pagoda within a … More Christmas in Myanmar