Recent Rohingya Conflict-My Experience Living in Myanmar

Many people have reached out with questions about the conflict with the Rohingya and what is has been like living in Myanmar during such a heightened conflict.  I am writing about my experiences and perceptions of the issue.  That being said, I am in no way an expert and much of what I write about … More Recent Rohingya Conflict-My Experience Living in Myanmar

Perceived Anti-Muslim Sentiment in India

During my week in Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, I was pretty surprised by the explicit anti-Muslim sentiment that I encountered.  I’m just going to list some observations I made and statements I heard (denoted with quotes although they may not be direct quotes given that they’re written from memory): “Don’t take a tuk tuk, they’re … More Perceived Anti-Muslim Sentiment in India

New Delhi

Before visiting New Delhi, people try to describe the chaotic, populous city, but one cannot grasp New Delhi until they’ve actually visited.  It’s a unique, extremely busy city divided between the Old Delhi where people live in extreme poverty and the New Delhi with elegant buildings and shops.  The city lacks any skyscraper buildings and … More New Delhi

Jaipur-The Pink City

Jaipur is part of the tourist “golden triangle” which also includes New Delhi and Agra.  All the buildings in the inner, old city are terracotta pink hence the nickname The Pink City.  In fact, a law passed in 1877 and still in existence today makes it illegal for buildings within the old city to be … More Jaipur-The Pink City

Halong Bay

I had to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay when I was in Northern Vietnam.  Unfortunately, the only way to cruise around all the islands and grottoes is through a tourist company tour.  So, I decided to take part in an aspect of tourism that I don’t like in order to see … More Halong Bay

Vientiane in 48 Hours

Vientiane has a small, almost beach town feel.  It’s clear that many of the shops, bars, and restaurants cater to tourists, leaving the city to feel like it’s lacking character and culture.  In many touristy cities, locals may feel bitter to or agitated by the tourists, but this was not my experience in Vientiane.  People … More Vientiane in 48 Hours