Some Thoughts I’ve Had Since Moving to Yangon

  • Walking down the street everyone smiles or laughs at you.  I usually respond with a smile and/or wave.
  • Trying to order or buy something in English requires all the staff to come and try to help.  I’m glad I’m learning Burmese.
  • Carrying stacks of cash isn’t that strange because everyone has to; it’s a cash economy.
  • You can see some crazy things.  I saw a little boy peeing over the ledge of the sidewalk while his dad held his penis.
  • Drivers seem like they’re trying to make a jigsaw puzzle.  No one follows the lanes or driving laws.
  • Crossing the road feels like a game of frogger.  No one respects cross walks, and there are few traffic lights.
  • A lot of the ex-pat community consists of middle aged, white males.
  • The city has all kinds of smells, not much different from New York City.

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