Seeing Vancouver in a Day

My boyfriend and I took a trip to Seattle and left from Seattle to visit Vancouver for a day.  The bus ride from Seattle was about 4 hours, so we left Seattle at 6am and Vancouver at 6pm.  While in Vancouver, we visited Stanley Park and Capilano Provincial Park, wandered through the city, and drank at many breweries.  I loved Vancouver’s mix of urban life and nature.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is located across the water from downtown Vancouver.  You can walk through the greenery and when you approach the water, you can see the downtown skyline.  If the weather is nice, you can see the downtown skyline reflected in the water.  In the park, at Brockton Point, there are a bunch of totem poles to represent the traditional land of the Coast Salish people.




Capilano Provincial Park

The most notable thing about this park is the large suspension bridge.  While on the suspension bridge, you can see a waterfall cutting through the trees of the forest.  There are also walkways through the forest that make it feel like you are walking on the tree tops.  The park is beautiful and well designed to allow you to safely enjoy the forest and waters.





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