The Imperial City

The vibe of Vienna feels like it was the head of the powerful Austrian empire.  The buildings are massive, grand, and well kept.  The city has great universities, museums, and culture.  Make sure to try Austrian Rieslings, which tend to be dry.

Picture1.pngKunsthistorisches Museum

Picture2.pngParliament building


Picture4.pngSt. Stephen’s Cathedral


The museums in Vienna seem endless, yet all are impressive and worthwhile.  We spent most of our time in Vienna in museums ranging from classical and modern art, sculptures, and jewels.  Not only do the museums have fantastic exhibits, but the buildings themselves make the visit worth it.  The most memorable part of the museums was being able to see The Kiss at the Belvedere museum.

Picture5.pngCeiling at the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Picture6.pngRoom of paintings at the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Picture7.pngGolden sculpture at the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Picture8.pngThe kiss

Picture9.pngCrown of royal jewels at the Imperial Treasury Museum

Picture10.pngEntrance to Albertina

Picture11.pngRoom in the Belvedere museum


We were able to eat at some local restaurants that we stumbled upon while we were in Vienna.  The menus were in Austrian, so we would completely rely on the waiter/waitress or our best educated guess when ordering.  It always worked out for us, and we got to have some delicious food in unique, local restaurants.

Picture12.pngBeet cream soup

Picture13.pngApple crisp with whip cream

Picture14.pngVienna breakfast



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