Prague; Real Life Epcot?

Prague is filled with colorful four story buildings.  The buildings have different colors around the windows and doors to the extent where it almost feels like everything is staged.  The city also seemed to be filled with only tourists and was fairly deserted at nights.  No buildings had windows lit either.  Walking through the streets, I kept thinking that I was at Epcot in Disney World.




I had some of the best meat that I’ve ever had while I was in Prague and for a good price!  We also tried Czech wine, which was fairly dry and bitter given the climate the grapes are grown in.



Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square

This clock is beautiful to look at and is the most notable thing in the Old Town Square.  You can climb up to the top of the clock and get great views of Prague.  The clock is the oldest still operating clock in the world, and a crowd gathers around the clock when it’s about to ring.  The clock itself represents the sun and moon.






John Lennon Wall

This mural filled wall is on the other side of the river from the Old Town Square.  Of course, we had to stop for some pictures!


Charles Bridge

The bridge itself is beautiful with its stone arches, but also the views of Prague while crossing it make this bridge great.  Its also popular with tourists, so it can get pretty busy.


Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is like a small village; the grounds are huge!  Once you enter the castle grounds, you can explore the castle, the cathedral, and all the small homes where former castle workers lived.  The castle has been home to many leaders of the Prague area, and thus, is comprised of many architectural styles.





St. Vitas Cathedral

Located inside the castle complex, this cathedral is similar to a lot of gothic cathedrals; however, it wasn’t finished being constructed until 1929.  It took 600 years.  Well, the architecture and stained glass does not disappoint.  You can also climb the many steps to the top of the cathedral to get more beautiful views of Prague and the red roofed buildings.








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