Budapest has a very gritty feel.  The city has impressive buildings that seem like they could use a power wash.  For tourists, Budapest offers a variety of activities.  Ranging from incredible scenery, historic buildings, museums, baths, and an awesome nightlife.  I even got my hair cut at a local chain hair salon for under 10 … More Budapest

The Imperial City

The vibe of Vienna feels like it was the head of the powerful Austrian empire.  The buildings are massive, grand, and well kept.  The city has great universities, museums, and culture.  Make sure to try Austrian Rieslings, which tend to be dry. Kunsthistorisches Museum Parliament building St. Stephen’s Cathedral Museums The museums in Vienna seem … More The Imperial City


I explored Amsterdam solo.  I had a lot of time to take in the scenery, the canals, the museums, and the historical sights.  I also enjoyed the Amsterdam night life and cafes.  To get from place to place, I took one of the canal boats.  This was a great way to see the city and … More Amsterdam