Humbled After Leaving the Village

After leaving the villages, we stayed at a resort in Bagan.  Arriving at the resort was shocking given the stark contrast from the village.  We were welcomed with warm towels, some fruit juice, and the WiFi password.  They even delivered us mid-afternoon cake everyday to our rooms.  I immediately took a long, hot shower.  I turned the tv on, not to watch it, but just to hear the noise of a tv.

The contrast between the villages and the hotel almost made me feel guilty.  I stayed in the villages for a few weeks, struggled, and then got to leave.  I was then rewarded by staying in a nice resort with indoor plumbing and a bed.  Whereas, most people living in the villages do not have the resources to leave or even experience these amenities.  This was the first time that I realized that a lot of things that I considered as necessities are actually luxuries for many people in the world.  I can say that this humbled me.

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