Galway Girl

After spending a few days in Dublin, we headed west to the country side to visit Galway.  Along the drive, we saw lines on the hills where people had to wait in line to get food during the potato famine.  We also saw a wish tree where locals would tie fabric onto a tree while making a wish.


Galway has winding, stone streets and colorful small shops throughout the city.  A lot of pubs have live Irish music giving the city more of a traditional Irish feel.  The Claddagh ring originated here so of course I had to get one when I visited Galway.  We stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast that seemed to be a former house turned into a B&B.  Although, we were not served breakfast.

We saw the Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Gardens, which are picturesque located near an small pond and in front of a green mountain side.  The area has a cemetery and a small cathedral.




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