Feeling at Home in Dublin

As an outwardly appearing Irish girl, the city of Dublin definitely welcomed me as one of their own.  I spent my time in Dublin enjoying the city’s rich history and its culture of eating, drinking, and socializing.

Malahide Castle and Gardens

One of our first stops in Dublin was the Malahide Castle and Gardens.  We took the public bus to get there from the heart of Dublin, and with the help of some locals, we got there smoothly.  The castle is exactly like what you would imagine a 15th/16th century castle would look like, and it is located on a massive acreage of greenery and flowers.  What I found most impressive about the castle is the large amount of rooms that are furnished for viewing.  You can really get a sense of what the castle was like during the years the kings and queens resided in it.





Guinness Brewery

One cannot visit Dublin without taking a tour of the Guinness Brewery.  The brewery is set up perfectly for tourists and feels similar to visiting any other large, non-craft brewery.  As you begin your tour, you learn about the ingredients and how to make the beer.  Then you learn about the history of Guinness and how to pour a Guinness.  You finish your tour with a glass of Guinness on their glass rooftop with beautiful views of Dublin.




St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the National Church of Ireland.  The church has intricate stained glass and impressive seating near the alter reserved for important people of the church.



Food and Drink

Irish food consists of a lot of potatoes, unsurprisingly, and meats, gravy, and greens.  The food may not have the most flavor or feel the most inspired, but it definitely reminded me of home.  Dublin also has a lot of pubs where you can enjoy a Guinness in a dark bar and socialize with some locals.





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